Windows 10 "Creators" Update causing ManuSoft problems

A lot of users have experienced problems after Windows 10 has automatically updated itself to the latest version, also known as the "Creators" update. The first problem is that reports will no longer display at all, and the second is that the "Date Picker" controls (the Date fields with a arrow button drop-down that displays a calendar) will not appear correctly on screen, though they do still work.

The first problem, that of reports not printing any more, is easily fixed by going into the Apps list in Control Panel, locating the entry for "ManuSoft V7", clicking the "Modify" button that should appear, and the selecting the "Repair" option in the ManuSoft setup program. After the repair is complete reports will work once again, but you may also have some extra redundant icons on your desktop that you should delete.

If you have trouble running the Repair through control panel you can also just run the ManuSoft Setup program again from your CD or from the Support folder on your server. The same "Repair" option should appear when it is run this way. (Users with low permissions may need to go as far as the extra step of copying the ManuSoft Setup CD image to their local hard drive and running it from there.)

The second problem, that of the "Date Picker" control not displaying properly, is more problematic. This is a problem known to Microsoft and another Windows update is apparently planned for some time in June to fix this properly. (See this link for some details - a Microsoft employee mentions the forthcoming update part way down.)

In the mean time, if you are desperate to improve the display slightly in at least some parts of ManuSoft (and remember, the control is still working despite not displaying properly, so you can always check the date that should be displayed by clicking on the drop-down arrow) then a possible partial fix is to place the following "mfc42.dll" file in your ManuSoft program folder:

With this file in place, once you restart ManuSoft you should see at least some improvement in the display, though the year is still cropped so the century is not fully visible.

If we find a better fix, or if Microsoft release a proper patch for this problem we will update the site accordingly.

Wednesday, June 07, 2017 2:29 AM